Lucki • Son of Sam EP

Lucki is miles away from the pretty and atmospheric production on his debut Alternative Trap, a 2013 spectacle that gained him significant attention and welcomed him into the world. As the teenager grows and molds into a new entity, a blooming monster, each project continues to contain its own sound, with BodyHigh (2014), [X] (2015), and Freewave (2015) all growing more and more substance filled and drowsy as time passes.

For his newest project, Son of Sam, Lucki drops the Eck$ and sticks to just Lucki. The production selection here is lofi and haunted, taking heavy influence from artists like Da$h (who is on this tape), RetcH (who is currently locked up) and Playboi Carti. The production isn't credited yet, but there are definitely tracks handled by frequent New Jersey collaborator GriMM Doza (“JIGGA 98”) and longtime collaborator Plu2o Nash (“FRZE UP”). His song “Deja Vu” with Joey Purp is a fine appetizer into Son of Sam. Regardless of production credits, the cohesion is undeniable, painting a setting of a drug-addled, 4:00 a.m. recording session with Lucki surrounded by codeine, various pills, Backwoods, and close friends. The track “SYRUP TALK” is seconds away from slumber while the track “HIS ONLY” reaches a vocal level like that of Kevin Gates. 

This is what I've been waiting for from Lucki since he started releasing loose singles at the end of last year. Bars over crackling drum kicks and dark alley instrumentation, Son of Sam demands more than one listen for proper digestion. This whole EP flows so nicely, just like a Lucki project is known to do.