Chella H • 'No Filter'

No Filter is true to it's name, rap untouched. Chella H has dropped her eagerly anticipated project, and she backs up all claims of greatness every time the track turns over. The beats are a stripped back but driving, with range that gives her a variety of material to take on. The common thread is Chella H's consistent high standard of bars on each track. For No Filter we're talking 19 songs, and there's not a word wasted. 

One of the cool things is her approach to track length and chorus; Chella H keeps each piece moving, using hooks that are short and catchy before jumping into verses and going high energy yet precise down to the syllable. The pace's quickness will almost remind of you of how old punk albums were set up, just fast-fast-fast. She can switch it up too, showing off one of her best verses with a casual yet perfect flow on "How I Do". But the best part is the thought behind her music, and you'll appreciate No Filter for that more than anything.