Ty Money • 'Hasta Luego'

The Harvey hero is holding no punches. Ty Money has arrived with Hasta Luego, a project to hold the fans over before the sequel we’ve all been waiting for, Cinco De Money 2, drops on May 5th. It’d be a mistake to think of this as a placeholder, though. Have you ever known Ty Money to release music half-hardheartedly? The man with ferocious bars is a student of the quality-over-quantity school of thought. Over 12 tracks, Ty Money demonstrates why that slow building buzz of his is moving towards a critical mass, and none of it unwarranted.

Hasta Luego is quality through and through. It’s got a methodical feel, painting a picture of Ty Money meticulously plotting his rise to the top of Chicago's hip-hop landscape. If you’ve listened to Ty Money, you know he’s got a major focus on lyrics. It also seem like there’s been an improvement on Hasta Luego's instrumentals. The production is more subdued, subtler, allowing the power of the project to build off of its cornerstone, Ty Money himself. This works out well here, as Ty Money’s lyricism is such that he can easily carry the project; too many distractions would take away from what he’s doing here. Check out Hasta Luego, and make sure to listen to his first Cinco De Money before the sequel drops, if you haven't already.