The A.S.A. Project • "Welcome to the A.S.A. Project"

Sometimes an act comes along that simply can't be ignored. Garnering dedicated fans and a foundation to move forward, it can happen that for certain artists, things just come a little smoother. The A.S.A Project, based just west of the city is one of those acts. Since stepping out midway through last year, the three-man collective has created a unique, pop-leaning sound that has stacked followers on social media accounts by the dozens. Having not been too closely in tune with them until they stopped by the last radio show, we've recently joined the rank and file of A.S.A. Project disciples and so it was a no brainer to get this one up on the group's latest visual for "Welcome To The A.S.A. Project".

The title couldn't be more appropriate as the city and the country at large seem to continually get more acquainted with this rising group on a relative weekly basis. At the show last month the guys let us know that the new project was on it's way and it appears the group is getting excited in the wake of the release of OH! What A Place! project with this new work. Here, we get a silhouetted adventure that breaks down into a really dope dance feel complete with accenting animation that adds a nice supplementary element to the scenes. Don't know The A.S.A. Project? Well get in tune with this one, they're definitely ready for you.