Lil Reese • "All That Haten"

Directed by Zae and Jerry PHD

The drill movement isn’t what it once was, a fact of the local scene that has pros and cons to it. Lil Reese may have felt the impact of that more than any of the original class, releasing music over the last couple years that was solid but lacking whatever special something that he had once graced his larger hits with. It makes sense that Lil Reese would have borne the brunt of difficulties in this transition; his music was generally the least fluid of his crew, not as experimental and with less of an ear for beats. Not necessarily built for adaptation, the Def Jam rapper was the product of a moment, and the moment’s gone.

But wait! Genre aside, everybody still loves bars, and Lil Reese has them on his track “All That Haten”. The visual is from Zae Productions, and is an excellent throwback to the videos that propelled the 2012 movement. Fact is, Lil Reese shows off some serious chops on this track, executing his staccato flow over ominous piano keys. If he can keep dropping music such as this, we’ll be seeing Lil Reese’s name, whether or not drill is dead and gone, or at least fundamentally changed.

"All That Haten" was released on Reese's Supa Savage 2 mixtape, which dropped last summer. Listen to that here.