Chief Keef • "Face"

We should have known better than to trust the word of Chief Keef. After last week declaring his retirement from the rap game, Sosa once again leaked a new single to the world in the form of his latest offering, "Face". While it's been a minute since I last covered a Chief Keef track, this speaks to the larger idea of retiring from an artform. It has a rough backdrop in the larger hip-hop landscape (Ma$e, Jay Z) and honestly I'm not sure what Keef does when he's not making his distinct brand up garbled wordplay.

It's a somewhat appropriate return if that's truly what they were going for here, as Keef reunites with Young Chop for a sort of flashback to 2012 on this one that would be a somewhat underwhelming return from any sort of step away from the game. It's mostly audible and actually more impressive than what we've come to expect from dude, maybe this is an inkling of things to come? Or maybe not. I don't know anymore.