Justiiice • "Phone Emoji" (Ft. Lou Era)

It’s hard to find out much about Justiiice, who seems to be going by three names (Justo, Justiice, and…Anakan?) Let’s talk about what we do know though, which is that his new track “Phone Emoji” is an absolute heater. It’s the perfect confluence of a catchy hook / verse, an out-there beat, and an excellent feature from the very underrated Lou Era. You're going to have to text this one to yourself.

“Just hit my line” goes the hook, and good luck getting that out of your head if you put "Phone Emoji" on. The beat snaps, and the infectious raps of Justiiice and Lou Era mean that “Phone Emoji” doesn’t slow ‘til the call is over. “Phone Emoji” is the perfect example of how deep Chicago's musical bench is, and why you need to get out of your comfort zone. Music is for everybody, and you can’t buy talent; whether or not someone’s fame is up, you just never who’s capable of dropping what. In this case it's Justiiice and Lou Era, and who knows who it'll be next.

You can find Justiiice's soundcloud here.