Famous Dex • "Ran Off With Yo Bitch"

Directed by Laka Films

Whether or not you “get” Famous Dex, there’s can be no doubt in mind that Chicago’s Dr. Feel-Good is killing the game right now. People are drawn to the unusual, the different, the out-there, and that rule applies exponentially more when it comes music. It’s Chicago’s biggest draw as the world’s pre-eminent locale for rap creativity. Famous Dex has found this unwritten rule and cornered it; you won’t hear many other artists quite like him. That’s not to say this is a shortcut or workaround. While your first few listens to Famous Dex tracks may inspire confusion or a moment of “old-man-yelling-at-clouds” syndrome, you've got to give it a chance. You’ll find a rapper whose infectious style, disregard for conventional song structure, and embrace of left-field production make him a completely unique draw for rap fans looking for a divergence from the sometimes overwhelming spread of mundane music.

“Ran Off With Yo Bitch” is Famous Dex through and through. The visual is directed by Laka Films, who has helped Dex take a page out of Chicago’s 2012-2013 movement by going all in on videos for almost every release he has. Throughout the video you’ll see massive joints, grooving women, and Famous Dex smiling and geeking from beginning to end. Just watch the man dance and it’s hard not want to leave work and do something fun immediately. If music can make you feel that way, it’s good in my book. The high horse is tired. Listen to Famous Dex’s “Ran Off With Yo Bitch” and give it a break.

#OhhMannGoddDamm here!