Ayoo KD • "Surf"

Directed by FlyTy 773

If you follow Chicago rap, you’ve seen the name Famous Dex around a lot recently. And if you've liked what you've heard, you may need to check out Ayoo KD, whose talent has him standing tall on his own. He brings a similar left-field style to the table, but his head is a bit more in the street than in the clouds. Now he’s released “Surf”, a banger that came out yesterday to little commotion, lost in the hubbub of rap’s current SXSW fixation. That’s a mistake, because KD’s “Surf” is a serious standout in his rapidly growing library. I can’t stop listening to it, and it’s time to make that contagious.

Ayoo KD chants over a muscular bass line, and you’ll be hard-pressed not to head nod out of your seat once the sub drops in. If you’ve been listening, you’ll notice that Ayoo KD's once raw to-a-fault raps are getting cleaner and cleaner, and “Surf” has some serious shine to it. The powers that-be have noticed, and word is that Ayoo KD is getting looks from San Francisco’s new-school rap behemoths Empire Records. That’s some pretty big news, a perfect complement to this very big track.  Ayoo KD has officially upgraded his drip. Time to “Surf”.

His February track “Flicking” has been getting some major love on the DL too, watch that here.