Loud Mouth • "Boogeyman"

Directed by Loud Mouth and J.Krown

Loud Mouth has a lot to say, and he backs it up each time. The Stank Face rapper (fellow member with The Palmer Squares) has rhymes that are both technical and creative, an underappreciated skill in a time when one is too often sacrificed for the other. The trick is imagery, and he can conjure up some wild scenes quicker than you realize it’s happening. His lyrical hurricane this time is “Boogeyman” and it’s a standout for the exact reasons mentioned above. Throughout the track, Loud Mouth’s wordplay is keeping you in the game, complimented by production from D.R.O. that throws slowed guitar under Loud Mouth’s wild fire flow.

“Life through a narrow lens / got me staring at the barrels end / people thinkin’ I do heroin / I be smokin’ dope in the tombs where the pharaohs lived”

It’s nonstop gems like this from Loud Mouth. Whether or not you've heard of him, with rhymes like these you can count on the fact that his name will be ringing sooner or later. Put your headphones on and turn it up, this man wasn't meant to be on mute.