Sterling Hayes • "Fuck It"

It's been like a slow moving wave watching the ascent of the latest SaveMoney affiliate, but Sterling Hayes continues his systematic approach to the game with this visual for his latest single, "Fuck It". Dude has been on the lips of just about everybody around town for the last year or so and it seems as though one of the collective's best kept secrets is ready to break out in a real way. To this point, Hayes has been content to keep fans at bay with consistent singles but here we get Big Tuna in the flesh.

It's a first-person affair all the way through on Sterling's debut visual (or at least the last I can remember) which is complemented in a very dope way from relative newcomer Troy G that did his things with the aesthetic of the piece overall. It's frantic, quick moving and seemingly without care throughout, a nice aside to the track itself that seems to accentuate the more nuanced parts of the single with a subtle storyline under the surface to boot. We're all very excited to watch Sterling step out this year and this video certainly keeps that momentum going. If the YouTube page is any indication we'll be seeing another video for 'Anti-depressant" coming soon. For now though, enjoy the latest offering from SaveMoney.