Premiere • Schenay of Highness: "Bliss"

As far as collectives go around the city, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more committed or talented gathering of individuals than Highness. The all-female grouping has been through several intonations over the years, starting off as the band S.H.E. before evolving into Highness a little over a year ago with a reformed roster. Heading into 2016 though a new chapter began to emerge as the girls referred to themselves more as a collective and subsequently began offering up cuts that pushed different sides of the group individually into the forefront. We got personal expressions from Gem Tree and Loona Dae in months past and today Schenay teams up with The O'My's bassist Boyang Matsopola for her own single that TheseDays is proud to premiere in "Bliss". The track plays to the kind of innate abilities that are housed within the walls of Highness and continues to lay a truly exciting path for what's yet to come. The ladies are currently working on their follow up to last year's Young Taboo and by offering up these distinct but meshing parts of their whole Highness has continued to stay on the rise. Check out the Q+A with Schenay for more on the single and what's to come and check out "Bliss" streaming above.

TheseDays • This is the latest single to put one part of the group out front, what's the motivation there?

Schenay • The motivation is to highlight every group members talent and diverse musical background. Everyone has so much to offer and we want to showcase it to our fans. 

TheseDays • Explain the move from a band to a collective?

Schenay • Highness is like our headquarters and every member has a certain mission they want to accomplish. Being a collective makes things more flexible for every member in the group and it also allows for us to help each other with our own solo projects. 

TheseDays • What was the motivation for including Boyang here?

Schenay • I'm playing keys and key bass on the song and I felt like it needed an extra something. Loona reached out to Boyang and he agreed to do it, I was so excited. He definitely added his own flare and made the song really funky. 

TheseDays • How is this indicative of the project as a whole?

Schenay • I wrote this song out of frustration and wanted peace within my own personal situation. This song adds as a refresher and encourages the listener to let all of your frustrations go and go with the flow of life. The whole project highlights our personal struggles as well as how we feel about the world we live in and bliss ends the project with a breath of fresh air.