Monte Booker • "Election"

A new track by Monte Booker is always worthy of attention and with this new song "Election" comes the announcement that Booker has signed to Soulection, something that will be covered more properly in our news section. Because of that, I'll hone in on the song, but much respect to Booker for really stepping out as a standout producer, perhaps the most buzzing beatsmith in Chicago at the moment and much deserved. 

On “Election”, we have a series of vocal samples sliding in and out of the percussion frenzy, from computer glitches to a pattering tap dancer passing through the room to a calm guitar that hides inside the controlled chaos. The three minute instrumental piece is yet another of Booker's talented spotlights. Whether or not this will be on his upcoming EP is unknown, but expect that right around the corner. I'm hype. 

Mannnn proud to announce that I’m officially with Soulection
Also, I’m dropping my first official EP with them very soonnn!
Thanks to all those out there supporting me and my team on this journey!
Much love!
— Bonte Mooker