Mathien • "Sheep"

If you've read any of my recent posts from the last couple of weeks then you know what today is. That's right, it's Mathien Mondays! Our favorite Knoxville, TN resident returns with a fun and bouncy new record sure to make any Monday a little bit better.

Written, produced and performed by the one and only Chris Mathien, "Sheep" brings great harmony and melody together resulting in a toe tapping anthem about wanting answers. Elizabeth Vaughan assists on the songs production, adding viola and piano. Perhaps a sad song at its core, but the lively instrumentation leaves you with a smile on your face after just one listen. This track, similar to last week's release, "Whim" offers up a whole different sound that stays tied together through the artist's easily distinguishable vocals. Here we get a mix of country and backwoods aesthetics that sound as much Mumford & Sons as anything else we've heard lately. If there's one thing we're being reminded of with this series of drops it's that Chris Mathien can tackle just about anything.

If you enjoy "Sheep", check back here each Monday until further notice and check below for plenty more from Mr. Mathien who has so far stayed true to getting us something new at the top of each week!