Kweku Collins • "Death of a Salesman"

April 8th can't come soon enough. That day marks the release of Nat Love, the debut full-length by 19-year-old Kweku Collins. Sure, he has plenty of past projects, including two EPs last year (SIHWIF and Worlds Away), but this is his first album since signing to independent label Closed Sessions. From bedroom recordings to a professional studio all within the last year, I can only imagine how this album is going to sound.

To further the hype and anticipation, Kweku recently released the single “Death of a Salesman” alongside producer oddCouple. While I tend to prefer Kweku when he produces for himself, oddCouple went wild on the instrumentation. The backdrop of the song fits so nicely with Kweku's tale of metaphorical and political murder. I'll treat this as a proper appetizer before Nat Love arrives next month. Be sure to check him out at Reggie's on April 15th.