Joseph Chilliams • "FN-2187 (100 Bars)"

Joseph Chilliams has released a new single. It's called FN-2187. And most of dude's raps feel a lot like this post so far. In all honesty, you can't find a more welcome, conversational rapper than Mr. Chilliams who makes every track feel like a calm, collected phone home laid over a soul beat. True to form, this one is similarly as smooth and Joseph handles the backing production as well for a sort of fully-realized single that seems to roll off his sleeve with relative ease.

No word yet on an album or full-length coming from dude yet but I can't say I'm mad at the vibes he's been offering up for the last few months or so. It's been a minute since we've heard from the rest of Pivot Gang save for Saba (MFN we need new music!) and this is the first true single from Chilliams since he teamed up with ShowYouSuck for the unforgettable "Gayaka Gayaka" (which is available below). Alright, that's enough words for this one, get into Joseph's flow above.