ShowYouSuck • "Crocs or Nah"

Just in time for the change in season, ShowYouSuck drops an entertaining tune about possible summertime Chi attire. “Crocs or Nah” is our first taste of new music from ShowYouSuck since his December 2015 release, Alf Fan 420, he collaborated with long time cohort and fellow Treated Crew member Mike Jaxx. The tandem of Jaxx and Show has yet to disappoint, and they've worked together on the majority of ShowYouSuck's catalog.

The new single's title is definitely an attention grabber, but could be interpreted in a much deeper way than just whether or not to don some rubber sandals this summer. “My world ain’t based on black or white, it’s based on do you wear Crocs or nah." Could be the Rad God’s way of saying the color of your skin doesn’t matter unless you’re comfortable in it. If you are at all familiar with ShowYouSuck’s music and his pizza and video game loving lifestyle, it's very apparent that he is comfortable in his own skin and marches to the beat of his own drum. 

Show has plenty of new music in the pipeline, and you may have a chance to hear some it at his next Chicago performance on March 19th at the Cubby Bear in Wrigleyville alongside MC Chris.