Khallee • A New Video and a New Feature

Directed by Chandler Clemens

Two pieces of Khallee in one week? The gods must be smiling. The first offering came in the form of “Extra Love”, a music video taken from Khallee's 2015 EP Crying Diamonds. Produced entirely by Bobby Swan (who was recently covered on the site), the EP is one hell of an introduction to Khallee. From there, you can blast Burgundy, which was released in the fall of last year, and which is also fully produced by Bobby Swan. After those two atmospheric EPs, you will be caught up to speed, arriving right here, at the video for “Extra Love”. Dimly lit and shrouded in red, Khallee shares his feelings in an intimate shoot. 

On top of the music video, Khallee also made his way onto the new song “Diamonds” by KalonjiDavid (formerly Sidewalk Kal). The track comes produced by The Turn Up (Kalonji and Keiya) and makes for four minutes of bass-driven retro vibes. Autotuned bars and plenty of feels, “Diamonds” is yet another piece of the Khallee puzzle from this week. Salute. 

You love the alchemy, these diamonds in my veins.”
— Khallee