Zeds Dead (Ft. Freddie Gibbs)

There was a time, back around 2012, a time when hip-hop acts began to up the molly use and subsequently find themselves crossing over into dance music. Waka, Danny Brown, the list goes on for EDM collaborations successful and not. As the flavor of the month of EDM evaporated over the last few years though we've seen less and less strictly Dance-centric collaborations than in the peak years of the throbbing bass and summer bro fests. With all that in mind, Freddie Gibbs and Zed's Dead came together on this one to create an oversized single that shows the range of the production side and the evolution of a sound that is going the way of Blockbuster by the day.

It's a smart collab to be honest, Gibbs is undeniably one of the most lyrically-talented rappers to have graced the game in the last decade and the sort of shadowy, dark feels to the backing production add aspects to the already tailored persona of the Indiana native. Sometimes, it takes going outside the norm to find something new and exciting and here Zed's Dead prove that they can adjust their sound to just about anything. Check out "Back Home" above.