Wil Akogu • Language of the Soul EP

A year ago to the date, the 19 year old Wil Akogu hit my radar with his release The Most Valuable PoetThe project flew way under the radar for the most part, but it was an impressive presentation from a relative newcomer to the game. Wil made a statement that demanded we pay a little closer attention to his music, and now he's back with a five track follow up and another year of experience under his belt. Sometime shortly after the release of his debut, I met Wil Akogu at Soundscape Studios where he was recording with Jabari Rayford (aka Jack Red). I was only able to stick around for a short time, but I did get to sit in on the creation of the Language of the Soul's intro. Wil and Jabari seemed to hit it off immediately and work well together. It's no surprise we see Jabari on most of the EP's production. The growth is obvious in this new music, and it's very experimental compared to Wil's first, but the content remains strong. If there were an underdog you were thinking about putting your money on, I recommend Wil Akogu. 

I represent a lot of things. I represent truth. I represent the millions of souls that endlessly toil in vain - void and voiceless. I represent the millions of souls that have been silenced in the name of human logic or the fear of the unknown. We, as humans, deprive our souls and even mistreat them. Yet, I have learned to care for mine, listen to it and speak to it. This language I speak is known as the “Language of the Soul.”
— Wil Akogu