A Billion Young (Ft. Knox Fortune) • "Tryna Keep Up"

I've written extensively on the growth and evolution of duo A Billion Young, from their rundown of songs this past summer to even including their song “Unforgettable” on my most recent airing of Neon Nightlights. These guys are very talented and I'm always curious to press play on a new song of theirs, knowing that it won't be what I expect.

Their newest track is “Tryna Keep Up” and bounces all over the place. Producer/singer Knox Fortune adds some background vocals to enhance the track while LINUS adds some guitar. With this single comes the announcement that Jac Stovler is a member of A Billion Young now, as he adds cello to this particular track. The newly formed trio come and go in just under three minutes, but it's enough to hold me over until we hear ABY & Friends, a proper follow-up to Glenwood. Damn, even the artwork is fresh. Spin it back. Play it again.