Ace Da Vinci • "Moments" & "Lighthouse"

Despite sounding like a place to turn in desperate need of a date, Chicago Singles Club is contributing something pretty cool to the city’s music landscape. Taking the less is more approach, the label/publication pairs up with an act each month to produce two new songs, and packages them with a video interview and a photoshoot. At the end of the year, they take the twelve A-Side singles and press the compilation album to vinyl. With two LPs in the books, they have managed to do a great job pulling talent from all Chicago's scenes and sounds. In the past they’ve featured These Days friends Show You Suck, Psalm One & KSRA, and this month they make another strong choice with Ace Da Vinci.

For the first of the two tracks Da Vinci gives us "Moments", a heart felt effort rooted in self love while highlighting the city's woes. Backing instrumentation from Sam Veren (trumpet), Austen Goebel (cello bass) and Windy Indy (violin) truly makes this one a memorable listen. Saving some heat for side two, Ace follows up with a self-produced effort entitled “Lighthouse” focused more on the grind of an aspiring musician. Admittedly, my knowledge of Ace’s previous work doesn’t run too deep, but these two tracks have me ready to get caught up.