Stunt Taylor • "Did That"

Stunt Taylor puts serious work into partying, or at least facilitating the party with his turn-up jams. Chicago’s self-proclaimed Hook God doesn’t take days off, with a constant stream of mixtapes, singles, features and visuals. Now he’s dropped “Did That”, one of the best dedications to his own glow in a minute. No surprises here, Stunt’s bucket list has a lot more check marks on it than yours or mine.  "Did That" is a little more down-tempo than a lot of his offerings, but at the end of the day this is a Stunt Taylor joint so you know it's not going to be rainy day music. It's definitely chill though, and "Did That" could be a perfect track for either turning-up or waking up. Impressive range right there? Stunt did that. 

Find his recent infectious mixtape release Maison Margiela Music from this January, here.