G Herbo (Ft. Joey Bada$$) • "Lord Knows"

Directed by Slick Jackson

As one of a pair of releases that G Herbo and Red Bull Sound Select worked on together, "Lord Knows" earns itself a visual treatment for the surprise hit single. Shortly after announcing his new relationship with Cinematic Music Group, G Herbo and new lablemate Joey Bada$$ celebrate overcoming problems and reap the rewards of overcoming the proverbial struggle. 

Adding the visual component to the song, Herb and Joey take it to Brooklyn and Chicago to use as backdrops in the Slick Jackson directed and edited by Guy Blelloch. The video captures a party atmosphere we've grown custom to seeing in music videos, but the director uses a continuous/single shot method a couple times throughout, adding some cinematic effect to the Metro Boomin scored "Lord Knows".