Equator Club • "Toma"

Toma: Casual Spanish command to take, most often in regards to a drink or a shot.

Chicago producer Equator Club is back after releasing his Infinity EP at the end of last year. Three months later and he delivers again with the single “Toma”. The song sounds like something you might find in a DJ Benzi mix or a Hudson Mohawke Boiler Room set. The song is fully energized for three minutes straight all the while switching up the beat on more than one occasion. Teetering between EDM, trap, and hip-hop, the electrified, percussion-heavy song is guaranteed to hold your attention throughout. 

Hopefully Equator Club has some DJ sets lined up somewhere in Chicago soon because this track (as well as his past EP) deserves to be played on professional speakers. Beauty Bar, East Room, I'm looking at you. If not, I'll have to play it on my own. Hand me the aux cord and prepare for a flammable sound.

[Edit: apparently he had a set at East Room at the end of January. I'm sleep.]