DJ Rude One (Ft. Westside Gunn) • "Supreme Trunks"

DJ Rude One and Closed Sessions bring the campaign for ONEderful into the new year with the project's second single, "Supreme Trunks". Although Closed Sessions is still a relatively new entity in the Chicago music world, it's founders Alex Fruchter and Mike Kolar have a vetted history with Chicago artists. Fruchter, a DJ himself going by the name RTC, came up alongside Rude One hosting parties. Whether it was Rude One's "The Goodness" or later "Digital Freshness" or "Closed Sessions Live" with RTC at the helm, these two DJ's were integral for the local music community we enjoy today.

Both RTC and and Rude One have since moved on to bigger and better endeavors, including the release of DJ Rude One's forthcoming solo album ONEderful which will be distributed by Closed Sessions. The album serves as Rude One's first ever solo project, and features guest appearances from Your Old Droog (which you heard on "Mr. Goodbar"), Westside Gunn, Roc Marciano, Mr. MFN eXquire and more. Due out later this spring, ONEderful is sure to have heads nodding across the land if "Supreme Trunks" is any indication of where this project is going.