Martin $ky • "Maxim"

Not unlike a blue moon, Halley's Comet, or some other uncommon natural occurrence, new music from Martin $ky is equally rare but an experience you shouldn't miss. Almost a year ago to the day, Martin released his Everywhere But Here EP, but has been fairly quiet since. Breaking the silence and serving as Martin's first release of 2016, the self produced "Maxim" sets the bar high for things to come. Known for some of his more aggressive tracks, $ky changes pace and slows it down a bit on "Maxim". The new single has Martin talking about his hustle and earning his spot, but he also talks about finishing his album a few lines in. We don't know any more than you do at the moment, but be assured, we'll keep you updated. And don't worry Martin, the kids will probably wait, but please don't make them.  

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