IshDARR • "Alpha"

Something's brewing in Wisconsin! Milwaukee's IshDARR shouldn't be a secret to anyone at this point, but if you're unfamiliar with our friend from the north, now's a good time to get in tune. Ish is an artist that is going to be hard to ignore this year, and his new song "Alpha" maps out the blueprint to his future success. Showcasing some entrepreneurial ingenuity, IshDARR reps for the fans and give them twice what they wanted. Produced by Millz Douglas and Lehvi, Ish literally flips the tape in the middle of the song and changes up the pace completely.

Two singles for the price of one, IshDARR does what he wants because he's an alpha! The first half is a heavy-hitter, Ish attacking the mic and riding the smooth beat’s current below him, a killer combo of piano and sub. The second half of the track is more upbeat while closing the song, a jazzed out victory lap. Ish might not be all the way "on" just yet, but he's prepared for it when the time comes. Keeping his circle small and familiar, it's business as usual for IshDARR regardless of what level of recognition he's currently experiencing.