theMIND • "Mercury Rising"

Directed by Kid Super

If you've been paying attention to the production credits on much of the work coming out of Mick Jenkins' camp in the last couple of years you've probably come across the name The Mind. Beginning as a part of the vaunted production crew ThemPeople, Zig, better known to the music world as TheMind has created a really dope aesthetic using a mixture of production techniques and vocal intonations that is at once unique and a big part of Jenkins' evolving sound. After appearing as part of Westley and I's 'Yung Creatives' talk show last night, dude continued an impressive journey as of late with the release of his video for "Mercury Rising".

The Philadelphia native talked a lot about getting intertwined to a scene at the talk last night when touching on how he found himself working regularly within the Chciago scene and that sentiment can be felt throughout this one, directed by Kid Super. Calling to mind somewhat the Kids These Days video for "Doo-Wah," this video takes us on a ride to a fictional world where Kid Super portrays the track in a sort of dream-like state. It's hella unique and speaks to the kind of creativity The Mind packs into everything he does. Keep an eye out too, dude has some big moves coming in 2016. For now, scroll up and enjoy.