Freddie Gibbs • "Freddie Gordy"

Directed by Jonah Schwartz

Freddie Gibbs brings the heat with “Freddie Gordy”, an ode to longevity and a credo for lapping your opponents. While your realness may be recognized in the present, the trick is to stay in the race long-term. It seems that Freddie Gibbs may be drinking from the fountain of youth, considering his ongoing relevance and approach to the game that transcends external trappings for a focus on bars, music, life and truth. Like the best Freddie Gibbs, “Freddie Gordy” is reflective, a still pool produced by Blair Norf that pieces together images of the paths that Gibbs used to walk.  The usual Gary route isn’t a pretty one, but no doubt Freddie Gibb's pained honesty pouring out through the mic is a beautiful thing.

Besides "Freddie Gordy" and the track's visual, lyrical dopeness, there's another reason to be excited; Freddie Gibb's Shadow Of A Doubt Tour, dropping into Chicago for what is sure to be a very lit 4/20 show. Need we say more? Load up on your personal OG and support our Gary neighbor, Gangsta Gibbs.