BoneLang • Set Theory

Things are getting pretty wavy out here in Chicago with so many new acts popping up with unique aesthetics and a general sense of pushing the music and sounds into new areas and today we get a new offering from one act in particular that has emerged as a diagonal-leaning duo with a penchant for diving in headfirst as Samy.Language x Matt Bones, better known to the world as BoneLang, drop off their latest project, Set Theory.

At 21 tracks, this project is a little bit shorter than the two-disc '2pac Greatest Hits' CD I bought when I was 12 and at first glance appears to be a full introduction to these two, with the only features coming from Supa BWE and Dan Kanvis. Musically, what I was able to get through while staying blog-quick is pretty dope. "Mason Jar" opens the project well and the sentiment of finding one's creativity and thought processes in something simple and piff-laden seems to underly things moving forward. Having caught Samy and Matt live on several occasions over the course of the last year I can certainly speak to enjoying their recordings. That's not to say the live show is lacking at all, moreso there are small intricacies that are more easily accentuated in a controlled environment. 

Here, Samy and Matt appear to explore soundscapes somewhat unfettered by explanation or distinct walls or ceilings. At times, it feels somewhat like a hip-hop version of Flight of the Conchords in the way that the music and wordplay feels really playful throughout while not seeming to stray far from the true artistry of it all. While not having a true idea of what to expect from this one, I can say that you won't be disappointed or put off by what these guys did here. It's a somewhat easy listen that is boosted by clever backing production and at times thought-provoking lyricism that should prove to find more listeners.

That all said, I think I would have liked to see some more editing on this project. At 21 tracks it's just a lot to digest and some songs bleed into one another and don't leave a lot to the kind of soul-searching expansion these guys were going for, in my opinion. That said, they got the shit out and it sounds solid enough for me to revisit. Check it out for yourself above.