Supa Bwe • "Brujeria" & "Hella Shields (Clear Skies)"

It has been about a month since Hurt Everybody has parted ways, and in a refreshing change of pace we've heard plenty from young Qari and Mulatto, but other than the quick response to the situation in "I'll Hurt Alone", Supa has remained fairly quite. An emotional guy for sure, don't worry Supa isn't spending his days in his feels, he's in the studio where he always is and is working on some pretty huge records. In fact, just last night Supa's Snapchat had him working with Chance, Alex Wiley, Pivot Gang and others in the same room! 

While he didn't release any collaborations like that last night, Supa did offer up two new songs to add to his already extensive catalog. "Brujeria" meaning witchcraft is Supa's take on the Sublime classic "Santeria". Supa's latest doesn't share any production with the original, but it did provide inspiration for the song's content. "Hella Shields (Clear Skies)" seems to be the antithesis of one of Hurt Everybody's early tracks, "Hella Lightening/Hella Swords". Taking a more defensive stance, Supa gets personal about recent events in "Hella Shields". Both tracks are solo Supa efforts produced by himself and Shepard Hues.