Saba • "Soap Box"

Is two drops in as many months cause for excitement and speculation about a new Saba album on the way? Well, it is for me! After dropping off "GPS" featuring his father, Saba transitions from the uptempo and bouncy to something a little tougher on "Soap Box". Complete with strings, keys and head nodding drums, Phoelix and Saba offer up a tag team performance on the production that serves as a perfect platform for Saba to get some stuff off his chest. The output has been few and far between for Saba in recent months, but he continues to reassure us that he's working on his best project yet. After listening to  releases like today's "Soap Box", I'm inclined to believe him. The combination of great music and the increased media attention following Saba's second Chance The Rapper endorsement, he's about to take flight. *Rocket Emoji*