The Rapperchicks (Ft. Gangsta Boo) • "Rules and Regulations"

Move over Million Dollar Quartet, there’s a new tetrad in town. If you weren’t aware, The Rapperchicks are a Chicago based collective comprised of Psalm One, Angelenah, Fluffy, and Ill-Esha. These women slay with their latest track "Rules and Regulations" which is our first taste of their debut project titled Shitty Punk Album.
The Rapperchicks overall flow blends together extremely well, not one outshines the other but rather complement each other as a cohesive group. Self described “B.W.A.’s” (Bitches With Attitudes), The Rapperchicks brash demeanor is nothing but expected and a fresh take on the heavily patriarchal rap scene. It is only fitting that today's new single also features Gangsta Boo, who is no stranger to collectives herself. As the only female member of Three 6 Mafia, she makes herself at home and shines on this drill-electronic hybrid production by Drew Mantia.
While there seem to be some disagreements between members of The Rapperchicks at the moment, Shitty Punk Album is still slated to drop sometime in March. We'll keep you updated with any further developments as they come to light.