Round Up • New Releases From AJ Peace, Bengfang, SolarFive & More

Photo by Michael Salisbury

Each week the These Days staff comes across great music from Chicago artists that we could not provide individual features for. In an effort to keep our readers up to date with more of our recent favorites, the Round Up segment provides quick summaries and additional noteworthy content. Check out our latest picks below and feel free to submit a comment if you feel we missed something. 

AJ Peace (Ft. Demetruis & Teddy Jackson) • "Chill"

I'm not entirely sure of the origins behind the SoundCloud account "Do Better", but they have two tracks so far, both produced by Teddy Jackson, and both featuring AJ Peace and Demetruis, so I'm going to guess the three have their hands in this collective. Regardless of unimportant origins, the newest song to drop on Do Better is "Chill", a song that is definitely relaxed. Everyone plays their part here, grooving and smoothing their way through some R&B and hip-hop vibes. You bet your ass that it's chill. 

Louis The Child • "It's Strange (Bengfang Remix)"

Chicago producer Bengfang decides to give a go at the popular Louis the Child track "It's Strange". The result is an intoxicating whirlwind both pleasant and wild. This remix is his first release of the year and directly follows his video for "Effleurage", which we saw back in December. This grooving, horn-heavy remix seems to be something to hold us over until Bengfang releases his anticipated full-length, which I hear is arriving soon. Shouts to Kyle Garcia on the artwork. 

SolarFive • "DXPE"

SolarFive is a well-known name around these(days) parts. Acting as one third of the production team OnGaud, he also finds time to weave street narratives with tongue twisters. "DXPE", his newest offering, is dark, haunting, and delivered at light speed, with a sample that sounds like a sorrowful church choir. Solar rhymes:"I've been in a cage, left 'em in a box / I got all this rage, motherfuck the cops." With this release comes the announcement that SolarFive plans on releasing a full-length this summer. Consider this an appetizer. 

Netherfriends & Yomí • "DMT and Whiskey"

One man band Netherfriends and harpist Yomí have been teasing their collaborative full-length 808s and Harpbreak for quite some time. Thankfully, the lead single "DMT and Whiskey" has arrived, a mere weeks after Yomí released her debut EP.  The song is catchy and smooth, unlike the true combination of a heavy psychedelic mixed with a strong liquor, but it all depends on how hard you're willing to party. With the release of the song comes the announcement that the project will be released on Valentine's Day. How fitting. 

Mikey Dollaz • "Hot Boy"

TheseDays writer Ray Mestad published a thought out rundown of the numerous collaborations between Chicago rappers Mikey Dollaz and King Louie. Most recently was their track "Forever Be Dat Guy" which came produced by electronic artist Salva. For Dollaz's newest single, he continues to work with unexpected producers, this time with Obey City. The result is "Hot Boy", a three-and-a-half minute force of energy, one that refuses to relax, even when it switches beats entirely. This song rules.