Beach Jesus • This Time Last Year EP

It's been interesting to see Beach Jesus grow and evolve. In the last year, since they started releasing music together, they have gone from a trio to a quartet, releasing poetic abstractions full of equal parts sunshine and tears. They've released split singles and a full length (Two Weeks Vacation) as well as plenty of loose tracks scattered throughout. Since hearing “Flounder” back in February of last year, I've been hooked on their unique sound.

And how fitting to reflect on last February when their newest EP, This Time Last Year, takes you back to that time; when they were finding their sound, when they were beginning to shout to the skies, when they were developing the name Beach Jesus. Their EP is four songs with an intro and an outro that clocks in at a total of twelve minutes. In that short amount of time, complex instrumentation and dense lyricism take shape, throwing you all over the place until the final number “Dear U” closes and you have no idea what happened. I've listened to many forms of these songs and listened to them evolve over the course of the last half year, including the release of the singe “Aloe BB” back in October. I've listened numerous times and still have no idea what's going on. I know that they're creating a new sound, one necessary to invest in, one to become completely immersed while digesting, and one that will pay off in the end.