All Female Rap Cypher • "Set it Off"

Directed by Yakub Films

There exists a female rap movement located within the heart of Chicago. A strong movement where numerous women MCs and producers are shaping the very foundation of the current culture. From Jean Deaux to The Rapper Chicks to producer AmbI Lyrics to full female band Highness, the gender divide in a masculine scene is slowly shrinking. More and more talents from across the board (void of sexual orientation, void of sexual representation) continue to take shape and form pockets of musical creativity that force us to pay attention and listen. 

A prime example is the new all female rap cypher video known as "Set it Off". Now available for the masses, rappers Freddie Old Soul, J Bambii, Brittney, EssieL, Syd Shaw, and Bella Bahhs united together at Young Chicago Authors where Yak filmed their skills. Damn near every vocalist snaps your neck and makes you pay attention to the complex and dense lyricism blossoming and blooming within the Windy City.  All six minutes and 46 seconds held my attention, as each artists gets their proper shine. Although this is certainly not a competition, the question remains: who impressed you the most? Let us know in the comment section below while we rewind it and listen closer the second time.