Sey • 100 Days of December

Chicago rapper Sey joined forces with UK producer AX and the chemistry is evident. Crafting street struggles and seasonal depression with ambient, atmospheric instrumentation makes for one hell of a project, one that doesn't sound like much else coming out of Chicago, one that demands significantly more plays. Acting as a proper follow-up to Sey's past releases, Pray for the Weak and CHICAGO/worldwide, 100 Days of December shows an evolving, growing artist properly finding his voice. 

In case you missed it, we spoke with both Sey and AX earlier this year when we premiered their track "Finesse" alongside fellow Chicago rapper Roy French. During the interview, they provided insight into their upcoming album, 100 Days of December, an album that dropped earlier this week. With the cold months of Chicago feeling like slow motion, this album hits home. Jump into the thirteen song project, which, in the interview, Sey describes as:

Winter in Chicago is brutal and at that time in 2013 I felt like everything was at a standstill. I was pretty much doing the same thing everyday; eat, sleep, and work. The job was terrible and to make matters worse, my friends and I got arrested walking down the street without knowing what for. It felt like the month was 100 days. The project starts at Day 40 and progresses to 100 and over that time I learned how to adapt to the current environment and prosper.”
— Sey