SEER & Mojek • "Keep Movin"

Producers collaborating is one of my favorite parts about the Chicago music scene. Hearing two sounds combine into one cohesive, coherent tune is always fascinating to me. Perhaps because I have no idea how to make music. Perhaps because I've always been more fixated on instrumentals.

Regardless, producer SEER (of Beach Jesus and Natural State) collaborated with footworking electronic artist Mojek for the loose single "keep movin". The song kickstarted a relationship between the two producers, which led to Mojek DJing for SEER and vocalist Jommis when they performed as their duo Natural State. This first single also led to further collaborations between the two, but whether or not we will hear those fleshed out ideas is a mystery to me. Perhaps I've said too much. 

Enjoy the song "keep movin" which sounds like chipmunks running through the forest on a caffeine high. In the short two minutes, the song progresses into multiple formations, although it never loses its energy. Play this forever and have the same happen to you. Treat this song like a cup of coffee.