Qari • "Murakami Freestyle"

Qari delivered his debut music video last week. Directed by Yak and with production from Morimoto (Qari's roommate), “Caterpillar, Butterfly” is a testament to a teenage talent, an artist with a baby girl trying to find his placement in this infinite world, where creativity is endless, so where can one truly go while being satisfied? Pardon the rant.

Thankfully, Qari put this song on his SoundCloud yesterday. Along with the new single, Qari also released a freestyle, again produced by Morimoto; the chemistry is obvious as the simplistic backdrops are perfect for Qari's dense (in italics, dense) lyricism. Let this further excite you for Qari's upcoming full-length, Learning to Unicycle, hopefully arriving sooner than later.

Picture me rollin’
Picture me golden
Benjamin foldin’
— Qari