Wellium • SPiLL

The new year has barely even started, but the Chicago music scene has already delivered a vast variety of new music. Today we have a new up-and-comer has begun to make waves for himself with a unique sound infusing jazzy melodies and lyrics detailing the process of love. John Cantwell, known by his moniker Wellium recently released his debut project SPiLL, a striking EP boasting melodic production from some of Chicago’s best musicians. These producers such as Monte Booker and ILLeet have helped him to bring stories of his journey to this harmonized fruition. With expert mixing from Classick Studios, Wellium's new project sounds great start to finish. Though raised in Philadelphia, he’s moved to his adoptive home of Chicago with a mission to captivate audiences with colorful stories from his experiences. He does just that with the noteworthy SPiLL as he effortlessly weaves through tracks with mature precision. With his debut project released, we are early looking forward to future offerings from Wellium as he continues to get acquainted with the local music scene in Chicago. Take a listen to SPiLL up top.