Owen Bones (Ft. Thirsty & High) • "Forecast"

A quick rundown: Owen Bones is an incredible producer. We featured him prominently in our first edition of Instrumental Insight. Back in January, he released the lead single for his upcoming Surrender! EP. The song, "Grapefruit", came complete with an energized guitar solo from Myrone, drawing a quick comparison to Ratatat, which is always a good thing. 

Releasing the second single for the Surrender! EP, Owen Bones dropped "Forecast" with artists Thirsty and High. Thirsty has been on TheseDays in the past and adds varied flows over instrumentation that resembles a fire alarm in a packed club. High, meanwhile, seems to be a longtime friend of Bones and it is on the track "Forecast" where he delivers his debut verse. In an article with Bullett, Bones explains the process of the song. 

I sent the instrumental to Thirsty on a whim and asked if he had any interest adding vocals. A few days later, we were recording the song at my house when High, my best friend, stopped by randomly. He had no intention of spitting a verse, but there was a 16-bar hole in the arrangement and he immediately wrote something that Thirsty and I loved. The whole session was completed in a day, nothing was overanalyzed and it was fucking fun—the perfect embodiment of what I hoped to accomplish with my Surrender! EP.”

Look out for the three song EP Surrender! from Owen Bones arriving later this month. It will most definitely be covered at TheseDays. The only song missing is one with both Mick Jenkins and Kevin Abstract. We can't wait.