Beach Jesus • "High School"

Directed by Joshua Eby

They may be sun and sand dwellers, but Beach Jesus's tracks are just too cold. And while a winter's dawn sun coming rose while they filmed at a frigid Lake Michigan beach for their "High School" visual, that fact has no bearing on Beach Jesus's previously mentioned coldness. That's all Beach Jesus. So first up, everybody give Beach Jesus a hearty congrats for their very successful first video. Class is now in session.

Probably the most hype song on Beach Jesus' hallucinatory This Time Last Year EP, "High School" tackles a love for highs, and the lows of your school days that get conquered in time. Look at them now! "High School" could easily be one of their best tracks, with a bony beat that ricochets and rattles. Chando drops a devastating verse, and do Jommis's hooks ever not snag the attention of the listeners? Despite the distant sound of this track, this skeleton still has a heartbeat, and with some warm Henessy and warmer fires Beach Jesus keeps the heat overnight.

This Time Last Year EP out now!