Adamn Killa • "My Stance"

Directed by Will Hoopes

Adamn Killa, a rapper who’s slow and steady (and a little wobbly) style has matched the deliberate rise of his career. Far from famous, the 197 affiliated rapper has been organically building an authentic fanbase that's naturally drawn to his completely unique approach, one that places his drawl on syrupy, shimmering beats high in their air. Now Adamn Killa switches it up again with “My Stance”, a sped-up ode to dripping down the street as Chicago's pink prodigy. 

"My Stance" may be the fastest song Adamn has done, and it’s also one of his best. While the rosy slowed and throwed air to his music is one that works well, sometimes you can get lost in the fog and “My Stance” offers an unusual bit of focus to his music. The track also has a club vibe to it, optimistic and feel-good, resulting in a product that could appeal to a wider circle than most of his fire-but-esoteric releases in the past. It's great work on the 1+2's from H!tKidd, who's name will now have to be remembered in the crowded and competitive field of Chicago producers that we've been blessed with. But one thing is very clear, there's only 1 Adamn Killa.