Monster Mike & Frank Leone • "Electric Feel"

No stranger to on another, Monster Mike and Frank Leone link for an impromptu cover of MGMT's "Electric Feel". Like you might expect, Mike and Frank leave a unique imprint on the record with both their raps and the accompanying music video. Shot in front of a green screen, Monster Mike is joined by great people and moments from your childhood and beyond. The video was made in just 37 minutes, but it takes you on a journey through multiple decades in an attempt to give viewers an electric feel like the one Monster Mike is experiencing in the song. 

Originally performed by Brooklyn rockers MGMT on their Oracular Spectacular, the underlying production of "Electric Feel" also received some updates. Although we don't hear a verse Frank Leone on this record, but he did take part in adding some production value to the release as well as some background vocals. A simple cover song it is not, "Electric Feel" is a new experience curated by a couple of creatives that aren't new to stepping outside the box.

I want you to close your eyes for a moment. Forget your schedule, your heavy workload, all other e-mails.

You no longer exist. You are one with nothingness.

Picture yourself a fortnight from today. You are now in the past. Where are you? How are you feeling? Electric, perhaps? This exercise in itself will better help you absorb the delicately interwoven energies and emotions that were poured into this song, an “Electric Feel” retelling by Monster Mike & Frank Leone.
— Frank Leone