Ravyn Lenae • "Everything Above"

Directed by A Zae Production

Just over nine months ago, the young Ravyn Lenae demanded attention with the release of a video for "Blossom Dearie", shot by Zae of A Zae Production and produced by Monte Booker. At the time it was just another new name standing behind the established reputation of a seasoned Chicago music video director, but it didn't take long to realize that Zae knew something the rest of us hadn't figured out yet. Over the course of 2015, Ravyn, Monte, and fellow newcomer Smino began to quickly prove their worth as the recently formed Zero Fatigue collective knocked out one hit after another and enjoyed some noteworthy regional recognition. 

With her debut Moon Shoes premiering back in  August of last year, listeners have had plenty of time to digest the eight song introduction and select some favorites. High up on the list for many, is "Everything Above", the EP's outro. Linking back once more with her director friend Zae, Ravyn takes to Atlanta for the visuals to accompany one of her favorite songs to perform live. Fitting of a song called "Everything Above", Ravyn uses Atlanta's Skyview Atlanta Ferris Wheel to capture some of the lofty shots.

Still sleeping on Ravyn? Currently living under a rock? Do your homework and get on board, this singer songwriter is positioned to make a big splash this year.