John Walt • WBON (Whole Bunch of Nothing)

It's been a crazy weekend with no shortage of good music to fill your speakers, and here comes John Walt to top it off. As part of Chicago's Pivot Gang alongside of Saba, Joseph Chilliams and MFn Melo, John and the rest of the crew have been working tirelessly on solo projects. Your guess is as good as mine as to when and in what order these solo projects will emerge, but this west side collective is prepared to hit the ground running this year and capitalize on the group's increasing national awareness. 

While we wait for more concrete news regarding Pivot's release schedule, there's no need to speculate in silence. John Walt drops off the Ramon King produced "WBON", and croons his way through a different kind of Valentine's Day ballad. Is Bae out here talking a whole bunch of nothing this Valentine's  Day? This song is for you. While it's not confirmed if this single will land on any upcoming project from John, he does have plenty of music on deck including his highly anticipated DinnerWithJohn project coming out later this year.