Bengfang • "Distant Future"

Directed by Bengfang & Wojtek Powalka

I don't even know what to say about this video other than you should watch it. Chicago producer Bengfang has been killing it on the visual game. 

He ended 2015 with a technicolor video for "Effleurage", where he properly loses his mind after using some radiant and hallucinatory eye drops. 

This time around, Bengfang goes a bit more abstract, surreal as hell, and expressionistic. "Distant Future" is one to watch all the way through, preferably in Airplane Mode (aka Beast Mode) so as to avoid distractions from your phone. This is two minutes of weird, two minutes of electro-industrial screeches and wails that somehow form a beat (more Aphex Twin than Chicago), that somehow leads to the visual above. Alongside Wojtek Powalka, Bengfang assisted with direction on this one (as well as direction on "Effleurage"), so it's obvious that he has an idea for his upcoming project, the highly anticipated Imperial Grade Project, which is to be released tomorrow. Loop back around here for more coverage on the album. Until then, enjoy a pair of tripped out visuals and pregame in a way that makes you most comfortable.