ShowYouSuck (Ft. Oreo Jones) • "I Hope Your Next Pizza is the Best One"

Directed by JFrank Visuals

Pizza guru ShowYouSuck has been unleashing steady content for the entirety of 2016. Ending out last year with his Alf Fan 420 EP, he's welcomed the new year with music videos, a live album, a remix, and even a peek inside the final mixing session of the oft-discussed and anticipatory EP, Bummer. After performing at Empty Bottle earlier this week, complete with metal and punk banks, yes, you can say ShowYouSuck isn't losing any steam.

To continue moving things forward, he revitalized the song "I Hope Your Next Pizza is the Best One". Featuring Indianapolis rapper Oreo Jones and with production from Walkingshoe (who is producing all of the aforementioned Bummer), the video shows them turning up at a rock climbing facility. Are you surprised? You shouldn't be. Included in this video is footage from Show and Oreo's Emporium show, which we helped curate, and which featured both artists performing this song at the end of the night. Enjoy the new set of visuals, courtesy of JFrank Visuals, and look out for much, much more from Show later this year.