Smino • "Krème Brûlée"

If you're familiar with this website in capacity, and/or if you're familiar with the movements and buzz within the Chicago hip-hop scene, then you're familiar with rapper/singer Smino and producer Monte Booker. Originally hailing from St. Louis, where he heavily reps (don't call him a Chicago rapper), Smino joined forces with Monte Booker about a year ago and the two have been on a rampage. With EPs S!CK S!CK S!CK and blkjuptr dropping last year, it seems to be just the beginning for this tag team.

Letting loose their first track of the new year is the single "Krème Brûlée." Here, Smino adds some smooth and soulful layers to the percussion-heavy instrumental, smoking something potent and thinking about the woman of his dreams. The song is short and sweet, exactly what you need for this cold ass Thursday afternoon. 

Smokin a doobie
Thinkin’ ‘bout chu
Hadda dream ‘bout chu
Learn some things ‘bout chu
— Smino